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What is Postmodernism: Understanding our Relationship to Social Media through the Prism of History, Philosophy & Popular Culture

An Interview with Thomas De Zengotita










  Thomas de Zengotita is an author and contributing editor at Harper's Magazine. He holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University and teaches at Dalton School and New York University. His book, Mediated: How the Media Shapes Our World and the Way we Live in it, won the 2006 Marshall Mcluhan Award for outstanding work in the field from the Media Ecology Association.

In this dialogue, Thomas and I explore the multi-faceted nature of postmodernism as a social and cultural phenomenon, and explore its impact on social media, self-identity, art and collective history.

This talk offers a fascinating look into the role of postmodern perspective and philosophy in our everyday lives and the world around us.



Below is a short teaser of Thomas speaking about the difficulty of navigating Authenticity in a postmodern world.






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*This Dialogue was recorded on July 14, 2012


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