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The Path of Conscious Hip-Hop: Unveiling Spirit through Music, Street Life & Service

An Interview with Jakub Evolved





    Jakub Strouhal aka Jakub Evolved is a young hip hop artist and member of the hip hop crew KIDS (Kinetic Intelligence Developing Soul), writer, social worker, student of spirit and philanthropist.


Born in Brno Czech Republic, Jakub's family immigrated to Canada when he was four years old. After a nomadic first four years in Canada, the family eventually settled in Wawa Ontario, an isolated community where Jakub first began exploring his imagination through writing and music.


Jakub moved to Vancouver on his own at the age of 18 with the intention of becoming a successful hip hop artist. However, as his studies and experiences with spirit intensified, and with the influence of the social work he was doing, he realized that striving for his own success was not enough.


Jakub and KIDS developed an off-shoot of their business called 'KIDS for Kids' in order to help and give back to various communities and organizations that are active in assisting youth. The premier campaign launches December 2012 and will run until May 1st 2013, raising money and awareness for The Media Program at Directions Youth Services, a resource center in downtown Vancouver for homeless and addicted youth.


In this dialogue, I engage Jakub in an exploration of his path through music, spirit, street life, social service and artistic illumination, interspersed with clips of some of his most inspiring music.


Constantly developing his relationship and understanding of spirit and the world, as well as his artistry, Jakub is a bold voice for the shift in consciousness and evolution our planet is participating in. Never afraid to challenge current belief systems and structures, and with a profound love and desire for truth and a relentless striving for excellence, he is determined to uplift and assist in this evolution as much as he can while working towards his own enlightenment.

Visit Jakub's website at:

Listen to free tracks of Jakub's music here and here.

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*This Dialogue was recorded on November 29, 2012

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