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The Flame of Madness


My Interview on Stark Raven Radio

 Recorded Live January 3, 2013





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In this 30 minute segment, Cindy Lou interviews me on my own views regarding madness, trauma, darkness, psychiatry, psych wards, as well as how we might expand on current cultural definitions of mental illness. We also take a unique look at the role of art, creativity, liminality and the dark feminine archetype in navigating the multi-dimensional crucible of madness and healing. The interview ends with me reading one of my poems.

For those interested, This older Interview also offers a unique look at Cindy Lou's own experience through the realms of madness, having grown up and been a primary caretaker for her father who suffered from schizophrenia. Her views on how we might begin to redefine madness as a culture and society offer a unique entry point into better understanding trauma, healing and mental health.

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