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Discovering the Sacred in El Salvador: Re-envisioning Christianity and the Enneagram as Vehicles of Social-Spiritual Activism

An Interview with Leslie Flood Hershberger


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   Leslie Flood Hershberger is a teacher, facilitator, Enneagram expert, and coach who currently teaches the popular 12 week Coming Home web practicum, reaching students across the globe who are seeking to evolve their understanding of Christian spirituality.

Leslie has worked in areas as diverse as business, health care, education and spirituality and has a unique ability to foster understanding between competing perspectives and values, as well as guide individuals and organizations through transition and transformation.

In this dialogue, I interview Leslie about her own journey through the Christian tradition, and how her entrance into the Ennegram deepened and catalyzed her understanding of Christian spirituality. We explore what role Christianity has in our contemporary setting and discuss how the Christian tradition itself is seeking to re-define itself in order to stay relevant in a post-modern world.

Leslie and I then discuss how the Enneagram can enhance a vision of the Christian faith that that can also support a more conscious and embodied spiritual-social activism in the world, integrated through the unique insights Leslie gleaned during her time in El Salvador.


For those unfamiliar with the Enneagram system and the Enneagram Typology, I’ve included two YouTube links here for a quick reference. In these two videos, Leslie offers a great exploration of Type 4 (my dominant type) and Type 7 (Leslie’s dominant type), which we make reference to in the dialogue. You can also find videos to Leslie’s discussion on all the other Types, from 1 to 9, here.










A good book reference book for those who want to learn more about the Enneagram is, The Enneagram: Understanding Yourself and Others in your life. By Helen Palmer


Leslie holds an undergraduate degree in education and obtained a Master’s Degree in Theology from Xavier University. She is a certified teacher of the Enneagram Professional Training Program with Helen Palmer and David Daniels and has completed the Enneagram in Business training program with Ginger Lapid-Bogda. She is a member of the International Enneagram Association, and a frequent speaker at non-profits throughout the Midwest.

Leslie acts as a volunteer facilitation trainer for the Off the Streets program in Cincinnati Ohio and currently serves on the board of the Enneagram Association in the Narrative Tradition supporting and mentoring new Enneagram teachers.  

Leslie is also a trained coach in the Out of the Box Coaching with Mary Bast. She is the founder of the Integral Women of Greater Cincinnati, and teaches mindfulness practice and guided visualization.






*This Dialogue was recorded on April 2, 2012


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