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Democratizing Sexuality through the Arab Spring: An Experts' View on the Emerging Mythology Unfolding for Women in the Middle East

An Interview with Elza Maalouf


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   Elza Maalouf is an Arab-American futurist and cultural development specialist, originally from Lebanon, who is focused on defining the fractals of the new emergent story unfolding in the Arab and Muslim world.


With a specialized focus on Gen Y and the women’s movement, Elza taps into the Indigenous Intelligences of a community, culture, or region to unearth the deeper underlying socio-political narratives and rhetoric that conflict, contradict, and coalesce with the larger waves.

Throughout the Arab world, women and youth are co-authoring the new story of nation-building which calls for a macro strategy towards a viable long-term restructuring of fundamental political and social processes. As such, her MeshWork approach to cultural, economic, and political reform in the Arab World promotes a bottom-up and top-down transformation that informs new patterns in measuring and delivering breakthroughs for a more complex paradigm.

In this dialogue, I interview Elza on women's evolving role in the Middle East, particularly in light of the changes and shifts that have occurred in the region as a result of the Arab Spring.

We engage an intimate discussion about the complex nature of young women's emergence in the Middle East and ask some important questions about what gendered and sexual liberation means to women in the Arab world.


Elza is the co-founder and CEO of the Center of Human Emergence in the Middle East, and the founder of Global Feminine, offering a stratified approach to global challenges and changes.

As a societal-building specialist, Elza is a key architect behind the Build Palestine Initiative, and on a European Union historical and cultural restoration program in Syria, as well as a leading innovator of Functional Capitalism in business throughout the Middle East.

Elza speaks with a rare authority about what it takes to evolve structures of society and how to solve friction and conflict across cultures and borders. She advises change agents, Governments, and influential institutions on how to facilitate and apply innovative frameworks for sustainable change.



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*This Dialogue was recorded on May 14, 2012


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