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Dancing With the Shadow: A Deep Dive into the Many Layers of Self

An Interview with Bonnitta Roy





  Bonnitta Roy is an award winning process philosopher whose work on consciousness has twice been awarded for academic achievement at international conferences. 

She is an associate editor of Integral Review and a guest faculty of the Conscious Evolution Masters Course at The Graduate Institute.  She is also the founder/curator of The Magellan Courses, an on-line experimental course in post-conventional learning.

Bonnitta and her partner are stewards of their home-farm in northwest Connecticut where they host equine-facilitated workshops  on energy awareness, body language and emotional balance. They also opened Alderlore Insight Center which offers on-site retreats, facilitated meetings, and workshops in transformative inquiry,

In this interview, Bonnitta and I engage a discussion on her ideas about the many dimensions of shadow. Bonnitta will expand on the notion of the “shadow” into deeper realms of being through a framework that is based on Carl Jung's understanding of the self as a system, and the trajectory of his later work which was beginning to be informed by his interest in shamanism.

In January, Bonnitta will be offering a course titled Dancing with the Shadow, as part of the Magellan Fellowship Initiative which brings original new views on timeless ideas.



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*This Dialogue was recorded on December 10, 2012

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