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Good Girls Aren't Funny: Unlocking Women's Leadership through Comedy & Improv Theatre


An Interview with Holly Mandel





          Holly Mandel is the founder and artistic director of Improvolution in New York City and is also an alumna of the renowned improv and sketch theater company, The Groundlings, in Los Angeles.



Holly’s background is a mix of advertising, feature development for motion pictures, corporate training and…of course…all things improv.

Holly has been performing and teaching improvisation for over 15 years. She worked for Comedy Central for seven years, and in 2002, she started her own school in New York City (Improvolution). She has also taught at HB Studios, The Barrow Group School, and Pace University, and helped to design the comedy studies program there. She continues to teach, direct and design classes for her own school.


In this dialogue, Holly and I discuss her journey through improv as a guiding art and practice in her life. We specifically explore Holly's project GOOD GIRLS AREN'T FUNNY, which is based on presentations and improv classes that she has designed specifically to support women in shaking loose their conventional "good girl" role so as to unlock latent potentials for women's leadership through the practice of spontenaity, art, and laugh-out-loud comedy.



For Holly, Improvisation is much more than a way to perform comedy. It helps students see, in a very safe and positive environment, where they are holding themselves back and therefore can help them access and develop a more authentic creativity, a deep ease, trust, and powerful confidence.


GOOD GIRLS AREN’T FUNNY is now both a talk and a workshop that Holly has led in both New York and LA. You can like her Facebook page to stay connected and find out more.


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*This dialogue was recorded September 20, 2013


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